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IT is one of the fastest growing fields on the planet because nowadays, everything is done online and through computers. Most of the work that the best IT companies do are on computers and that is why it is important to make sure that all of the hardware works properly without any faults and errors. Many small IT companies aim to earn the maximum amount of money with existing machines and many companies are able to fulfil their goals. However, sometimes these plans can be cut short because of malfunction. In the IT business, even the slightest of malfunctions can turn into great losses. That is why it is important to have some back-up plans. Here you will find some of the best software for IT companies.

Data Recovery Technician


For an IT company, the data that it has is of great importance and losing it would be devastating. However, sometimes operating systems such as Windows can fail and result in data loss. Data recovery programs are perfect for such an emergency as these programs can help recover a lot of your lost data. It does not matter if you are working on Windows or Mac because these programs are available on both operating systems. With the help of these programs you can make sure that your lost data is recovered. Some of the best data recovery programs are those of Piroform Recuva, DMDE Free Edition, TestDisk and Paragon Rescue Kit.

For an IT company, the data that it holds is of utmost importance and they cannot afford to let the data be in the wrong hands. On some occasions an IT firm might want to replace their old machines or hard drives for newer models. However, there is a chance that the data on the old hard drive was not deleted completely and may still be recovered. If you let this happen then other people can get their hands on your precious data. To save yourself from such a situation you should use programs like Bitraser. These programs make sure that every bit of your data is erased.


These were some of the most popular software that IT companies should use. For an IT company their data is priceless and they would never want anything to happen to it. However, disaster does not give a warning and it is you who have to be prepared for the worst. From day one of your IT firm it should be your top priority to protect your data.