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Technology is growing at an uber fast pace, ushering in innovative and advanced changes, which turn earlier processes obsolete or minimalize their impact. Of the various industries, the information technology sphere has evolved the fastest. Consequently, IT professionals and businesses benefitting from IT need to update themselves constantly to keep pace with the changing trends. Here are the trends the IT world will need to follow in 2019.

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Edge Computing In Place Of Cloud Computing

edge computing

While many businesses are still adapting to cloud computing it has stopped being an emerging technology. The latency and difficulty in transfer of data to the processing centre in cloud computing has led to the concept of edge computing.

With edge computing it is possible to remotely process data that is time sensitive in spite of limited connectivity to a central location. In other words, edge computing works as mini centres for data processing.


Blockchain technology has turned out to be a promising technology that helps in safeguarding information including medical data of individuals. It has proven to be invaluable in the supply chain and also in protecting property and art work of great value.  2019 will see more diversified applications of the technology.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

virtual reality and augmented reality

It is a well-known fact that VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) have changed the gaming world with their immersive and environment enhancing capabilities. But not many are aware that they provide some useful applications too.

VR, for instance, has been used in training Army, Coast Guard and Navy ship captains. The two technologies have immense potential in areas besides training including marketing, education, and post injury rehabilitation.

Cyber Security

As more and more industries rely entirely on IT, cyber security has become a prime concern. The threats being constantly new make it more alarming.

Authentication of hardware, deep learning, cloud technology, behavioural analytics and preventive measures for loss of data are some of the advancements that will see more tweaking in 2019 as hackers find new ways to outsmart these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has enhanced use of automation in various daily tasks including streaming services, navigation apps, personal assistance in smartphones and homes and smart devices used at home. AI also finds immense use in improving energy efficiency, evaluating business risk, prediction of maintenance and more.

Machine learning is a branch of AI used in data mining, pattern recognition and data analytics. From results of web searches and ads in real time to identifying network intrusion, MI has several uses which will further expand and evolve in 2019.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

As more automation processes are introduced sectors such as healthcare, banking, retail, transportation and others can expect a major change in dynamics. When put together, RPA, MI and AI can render many jobs obsolete. On the brighter side, it helps eliminate the tedious jobs freeing employees to focus on work of more value.

The above-mentioned trends are just a handful of the numerous changes happening in the IT sphere. These trends indicate further improvement and changes for the better in 2019 and beyond.