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To bring the desired functionality to their respective websites, the web developers utilize the JavaScript every day. A tool which provides a great deal of flexibility and power in this regard is JQuery. JQuery is basically a JavaScript Library that assists in the standardization and simplification of the interactions that exist between HTML elements and JavaScript code. JavaScript enhancers helps in making the website dynamic and interactive. This process of interactivity and dynamism is cushioned by JQuery.

The Role Of Jquery

As compared to other methods of front-end website development, JQuery can be termed the best. JQuery operates behind the scenes and does all the heavy lifting that is needed to make the searching of HTML elements both simple and easy.  The heavy lifting also assists in catering the issues pertaining to browser compatibility. As a user all you need to is to write something similar to:

“$(‘.button’).click( function() {$(‘.menu’).toggle();} ); } );”

It is also very possible to utilize ID attributes with JQuery. Similarly, the easy finding of elements classes can be also be used. The click method can be adopted by you for the attachment of event listener that responds to the utilizer who is clicking the button. Similarly the Toggle Method is used to hide or show the menu once the button is clicked.

Continuing with the example, we can also integrate another button on the page. This can be done by easily adding another element in the “button” class. As a result of this addition the JQuery selector $(‘.button’) would search out and also attach the click method automatically. For the changing of the elements, a code is available that can be utilized as needed.

Through this one little example we have been able to clarify the advantages which this method can offer. JQuery supports faster development and has the ability to produce a code that operates in a wide range of reputed browsers. The only drawback of JQuery lies in the fact that added overhead exists in it. The reason behind this fact is that downloading of jQuery library is necessary. However the overall benefits of JQuery outweigh the minimal demerits it has.

Some Other Benefits Of Jquery

The class of JQuery is evident from the role it has to play in front-end web development; however, there are some other known advantages as well because of which JQuery is utilized by top webpages in the world today.


Generally it is much easier to use as compared to JavaScript


It can perform more functions as compared to JavaScript


The overall tutorials and documentations are simply awesome in JQuery


The benefits of JQuery are too many. Yes, things like CSS is also important, however, the role of JQuery is something that cannot be ignored in Modern day web development.